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6 Ways to Make Your Eggs

Eggs are a great source of nutrients and make a great meal whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or an addition to dinner. In this blog, I’m going to share with you 6 ways to make your eggs! Some of them you may already know of and others you may have yet to try. 

  • The egg omelette
    The number of eggs I use for this typically depends on how many people I’ll be feeding. If I’m making eggs for just one person, I usually crack 2 eggs into a bowl. Add green onions, tomato, mushrooms, salt and pepper. Make sure to chop the ingredients into tiny pieces. I usually add ¼ of a tomato, 2 mushrooms, and one branch of green onions. These small amounts make sure that the egg is still the main ingredient of the dish! Mix all ingredients together. You are also free to add other ingredients such as bacon if that is your preference. Proceed to oil a pan on low heat for 3 minutes and pour the contents of the bowl onto the pan. Flip after one side of the egg appears to be cooked (liquid has largely disappeared).

  • The hard boiled egg:
    Easy to make but everyone has a different preference for how “boiled” the egg really should be. 5-7 minutes gives the egg yolk a liquid/jelly texture. Your yolk will turn out more orange. Boiling your egg for too long will result in a dry yellow and grey yolk. I personally suggest around the 8 minute mark but it’s all about your preference. 

  • The Chinese steamed egg:
    The chinese steamed egg is flavorful and soft. It involves mixing warm water with eggs in a bowl and adding green onions, salt to top it off. You put the entire bowl in a steamer and steam until the egg is cooked. This following website provides a great recipe and detailed instructions: https://madewithlau.com/recipes/steamed-egg. Note, the perfect steamed egg lies in the amount of water used -- too little or too much will affect the soft, jelly texture of the steamed egg.

  • The microwave egg:
    Don’t have time to even cook in the mornings? Crack two eggs into a mug, add some water (I like to add about an inch above the egg), salt, pepper and green onions. Mix and then microwave for about a minute and a half. You get an easy egg in a mug for breakfast! 

  • The fried egg:
  • I like to give my pans a rinse before using them. In the case of a fried egg, make sure to wipe off any excess water from the pan before frying to prevent crackling sounds and burning from occurring on the stove. It’s important to have a non-stick pan for fried eggs. Put the pan on low heat and then crack an egg on the pan. Flip the egg when the egg whites (clear jelly portion) have become all white. Add salt and pepper as you see fit. I find fried eggs amazing in breakfast sandwiches :)

  • The Japanese Tamagoyaki
    Tamagoyaki is a special kind of egg dish that consists of rolling up layers and layers of fried egg. A special rectangular shaped tamagoyaki pan is usually required in order to make this egg dish but with the right instructions, can be done with a regular round pan as well. See this youtube video created by JapaneseCooking101 for more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VJBABOA22Q. The tamagoyaki is fun to make and absolutely beautiful to look at!