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One Thousand Kisses Teen
fun mens hospital gown white with kisses front
loving women's hospital gift white side
fashionable women's hospital gift white back

One Thousand Kisses Teen

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Are you sick and tired of baggy, itchy, and revealing hospital gowns? Then Giftgowns has got you covered in our One Thousand Kisses gown! Our alternative hospital gowns are perfect for surgery, seniors, hospital recovery, and at-home recovery! In your Giftgown you’re sure to feel comfy, covered, and confident during your recovery journey!

Purchase it as a gift, or for yourself preparing for surgery. 

  • 100% Cotton or Cotton Flannel
  • Snap buttons down the back to ensure you stay covered up
  • Snap buttons on the shoulders to allow you to easily open and close for examinations, IV, tubes, etc. 
  • Side Pockets (Who doesn’t LOVE pockets?!)
  • Machine wash/tumble dry low