One Thousand Kisses Teen
fun mens hospital gown white with kisses front
loving women's hospital gift white side
fashionable women's hospital gift white back

One Thousand Kisses Teen

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Young or old, spread a little love by sharing this comfortable hospital gown with a special someone. Perfect hospital gown to help make patients feel a little more at home in the hospital. 

  • 100% Cotton or Cotton Flannel
  • Machine washable/tumble dry low
  • Relaxed fit to ensure for a comfortable recovery
  • Available in sizes XXS - XXXL
  • Fun graphics to express your personal style and lift your spirits
  • Snap buttons down the back to ensure you stay covered up
  • Snap buttons on the shoulders to allow you to easily open and close for examinations or tubes/medicine
  • Side Pockets (Who doesn’t LOVE pockets?!)

Giftgowns are unisex and are available in 6 different sizes to choose from. Makes a great gift for friends in the hospital.