Tattoo (Black)
funny hospital gift for men white gown side
fun hospital gown for men
funny hospital gown for women
fun hospital gown for women
fun hospital gown for women

Tattoo (Black)

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A gown to help brighten anyone's day, this hospital gown says it all for our post op friends and family. The graphics are unique and help make the patient feel more at home in the hospital, and this gown is bound to brighten their spirit. 

  • 100% Cotton or Flannel Cotton
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Comfortable/ relaxed fit
  • Snap buttons for easy wear and access on shoulders and back
  • Side Pockets

Perfect gift for a friend who's had surgery. Because of our snaps on the back and front, it will be easy for them to put on, and access afflicted area.

Testimonial: "This gift made me feel so wonderfully supported and cared about. It made the rough days that followed that much more bearable."