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Best Christmas in July Gifts for Expecting Moms

Christmas in July is the perfect reason to get the special people in your life a little something extra. It’s an especially perfect time to give gifts to expecting moms who may have a little one already by the time Christmas comes. We’ve compiled a list with some of the best presents for mamas-to-be! 

A Custom Giftgown

A custom Giftgown is the perfect Christmas in July gift for the mama-to-be in your life. Giftgowns are maternity gowns that are comfy, cute, and functional for labour. They have snaps along the shoulders for access and along the back for coverage, 100% cotton fabric, and even pockets. You can customize a Giftgown with anything from a photo, to a graphic, to a favourite saying. You could even put on a picture of the baby’s ultrasound–so cute!

A Summery Giftgown

Giftgowns come in lots of fun and summery maternity designs! They are the perfect gift for the expecting mom who wants to feel confident during labour and be ready for picture-perfect moments with her baby. Plus with their shoulder snaps, Giftgowns are designed to make breastfeeding a breeze at the hospital and at home! Check out Peace, a Giftgowns summer favourite! 



A Gift Bag

A gift bag or basket is a great way to give a mix of everything to an expecting mama! Look for gift baskets that are specifically curated for either moms-to-be to make her day. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own! We recommend the Giftgowns maternity gift bag, which features a Giftgown, lotion, colouring book, fuzzy socks, and more! 


Cute maternity socks are a fun present that any mama-to-be will love! Look for ones that have maternity specific sayings for a gift that’s fun and different. Or why not get a bundle of different socks? Too cute!

A Letterboard

A letterboard is the perfect gift for the trendy mama-to-be. She can use it to keep track of her pregnancy and to tell all of her Instagram followers about her journey through pregnancy. Then once her baby is born, she can use it for photos tracking its development!

A Water Bottle

It’s super important for pregnant women to stay hydrated! But when the days are long and hot it can be easy for a mama-to-be to forget. Help her out by getting a cute water bottle that she can throw into a tote or backpack and carry throughout the day! Pro tip: if it’s really hot where you live, try getting an insulated bottle to help keep things cool.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect gift! Merry Christmas in July! ☀️