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What's a Giftgown?

A Giftgown is a fun and practical hospital gown that transforms your journey, from the hospital to your home!

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Why a Giftgown?

Shoulder of black gown with snaps open

Easy accessibility.

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We've got you covered!

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Well Behaved Women Gown pocket

Keep your stuff right by your side.

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Our Happy Customers

"I love my new hospital gown from Giftgowns- cozy, pockets, snaps down the back and arms, and it fits!"


"I may be old but when hospitalized, I want to feel good and look good! Yea, Giftgowns!"


"This hospital gown brought a big smile to my mom's face! She loved the pockets and fit!"


"I received so many compliments about my gown! People couldn't believe it was a hospital gown with snaps for IVs and everything!"


"Thank you @giftgowns for the cutest and comfiest hospital gown!"

Samantha Jo

"I wore my Giftgown the whole time, including the 4 hours I was in the operating room!"


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The Perfect Gift!

Choose from our ready made bundles or make your own by combining two gowns to get 20% off!

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Kid wearing free hugs kids gown

Fun Activities To Do When You're Stuck at The Hospital

For a kid, the hospital can be a boring experience; there’s only so much TV a person can watch! Here's some activities for you to enjoy together during this time.

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Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids Stuck in the Hospital

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