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Top 3 Hospital Shows That You NEED to Watch

Ever need a feel-good show that can also keep you on your toes or a show that makes you laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time? Well, I personally love those kinds of shows, and that’s why my top 3 favourite hospital shows are Grey’s Anatomy, the Good Doctor, and New Amsterdam. 

Grey’s Anatomy has been a very popular and beloved show for the past 2 decades. This show is about a group of young interns who end up becoming strong and successful surgeons. Throughout their career journeys, there has been romance, love, heartbreak, bonding between family, friends, and co-workers, comedy, tragedies, surprises, and lots of amazing scenes or episodes that keep you on your toes. Grey’s Anatomy is my #1 show that I can never get enough of. Warning: You may get attached to how good it is. 

The Good Doctor poster

The Good Doctor is about a young man with Autism who becomes a doctor, and an excellent one at that. The show follows his life as he faces challenges and gains accomplishments in both his work and personal life. As well, the show also follows the drama of the other doctors he works with. The Good Doctor has produced both sad and happy tears, and it leaves you with a sense of awe. 

New Amsterdam Poster

New Amsterdam is a show that follows a medical director, named Max, that tries to fix things at a public hospital in New York called “New Amsterdam”.  Max is a very caring person who wants to help anyone and everyone as much as he can, which includes changing hospital policies, protocols, and making major adjustments even if it goes against the hospital’s board. He changes so many lives that leaves you with a sense of hope and a little bit of magic. This show also follows his personal life and the lives of his coworkers. Finally, New Amsterdam covers issues relating to love, drugs, race, poverty, and the LGBTQ+ community. 


So, what are you waiting for? Go start these shows now!