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Staff Picks

Jackie's Pick:

Good Vibes (Black) Mask

I love this mask because it makes me feel positive and happy- good vibes, smiles and laughs all round!

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Rebecca's Pick:

Cupcake Mask

Hey folks!  I'm Rebecca, the Content Marketing Manager here at Giftgowns.  I love baking, so of course my favorite mask is the cupcake mask. It's super cute, so comfortable, and even has a pocket for filters! The cupcake mask always brings a smile to my day!

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Laura's Pick:

Peace Signs (Color) Face Mask

Hi all! I'm Laura, the graphic/web designer and this is my FAVE mask! The fit is just perfect. I can talk freely without the bottom popping off my chin and it doesn't cut off my circulation anywhere. Not to mention the design is so much fun! It can go with anything and the colours add a pop of excitement to my outfits. It also makes me so happy that I can celebrate Pride all year and show my support whenever I go out. 10/10, 5 stars, two thumbs up!

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Alana's Pick:

Flowers Face Mask

Hi friends, my name is Alana and I'm the Head of Marketing here at Giftgowns! My favourite mask is Flowers because I love plants and am a sucker for floral patterns. When I'm not at work, I'm often tending to my plant babies (read: trying not to overwater them), or drooling over gorgeous watercolour florals (a.k.a. mucking about with watercolours and hoping for the best). So when our graphic designer, Laura, came up with this beautiful design, it became my instant fav. Is Flowers your favourite too? Take a picture of you wearing it, and tag us! We'd love to see it!

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Olivia's Pick:

Palm Trees Mask

This palm trees face mask, is my absolute favourite! I am a total sunshine and beach girl so this face mask matches my personality perfectly. I also especially love it for right now as the weather gets colder because it's a reminder of warmer and more relaxing times! The black background allows for it to match with my whole wardrobe which makes it practical AND cute. Obsessed with this face mask! 

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Sara's Pick:

Astrology Face Mask

Hey! I'm Sara, a Marketing and Outreach Coordinator here at Giftgowns - and the voice behind all the social media posts this summer! It is so nice to finally introduce myself to all of you For me, when it comes to picking a face mask it's all about staying functional AND fashionable. That is why my current face mask favorite is our Astrology mask - as you can see here I love pairing it with my matching star print blouse. ⭐️  I think the combo is sooo cute! 

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