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Looking to offer your patients a fun, accessible hospital gown alternative in your hospital clinic?

Say hello to Giftgowns!

Patients love them!

Set your clinic apart from the rest by supplying your patients with cozy and accessible Giftgowns.

Giftgowns are stylish, comfortable hospital gowns designed especially with the patient in mind. Made from 100% high quality cotton, Giftgowns have patient comfort and medical accessibility in mind. Think of them as the perfect hospital pyjamas.

"As a new state-of-the-art women's health urgent care clinic, we wanted to ensure a unique, comforting, female-focused experience for all our patients. Giftgowns has helped us set ourselves apart with the quality of their product and attention to detail.

We ordered over 100 of the black 'My Other Gown is Chanel' Giftgowns, and our patients love them! Additionally, the snaps over the shoulder and down the back allow for seamless exams without compromising patient comfort.

If you're looking for an added something special to help set your clinic apart, get Giftgowns instead of standard hospital gowns - your patients will notice and thank you!"

Dr. Sarah Alwen, femme. Next Generation Urgent Care

Why choose Giftgowns?

Giftgowns are the perfect solution to the drab, traditional hospital gown. They can turn any patient’s frown upside down! Not only that, but they help your customers feel more comfortable in the hospital, because they’re in their own clothes, and research shows that patients heal faster in their own clothes.

Not to mention snaps all down the back and shoulders for easy accessibility for tubes and IVs.

Customize for your clinic!

We also are the only company to offer customizable designs. If you’d like a hospital gown personalized for your organization, or you’d like to come up with your own designs to sell in your clinic shop, give us a call! We’d be happy to custom design something unique for you.

How do Giftgowns work?

Easy accessibility!

So everyone can be cozy.

100% cotton!

For ultimate patient comfort.

Shoulder Snaps

Back Snaps


Why should you switch to Giftgowns?

No minimum order!

If you’re looking to test something new to see if it will make a positive impact on your patient’s lives, we’re happy to help you out. We have low minimums to start, to help you decide which Giftgowns are the best fit for your organization! We want you to love our gowns as much as we do, and we’re confident you’ll find a fit that will work for everyone.

Want to bring Giftgowns to your hospital or clinic?


Send us an email if you'd like to make an order or have any questions at all!

Perfect for every patient!

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