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Easy Meals for Your First Month as a First-Time Mom

Easy Meals for your First Month as a First-Time Mom When your little one comes home with you for the first time, your entire life is thrown into chaos. Making proper healthy meals will probably fall by the wayside, and casseroles from family and friends will only last so long. If you’re getting used to being completely responsible for another human being, and feeling absolutely overwhelmed that’s OK (and totally normal)!

To make it easier on you, here are a few easy meal ideas to make the first month at home as a first-time mom much easier! 

Make your own salad 

Have different containers of salad stuff in your fridge to have your own on demand salad bar! We’re talking chopped up lettuce, kale, spinach with tupperware full of cooked chicken, chopped beets, nuts, eggs and whatever else you like for salads. That way, when someone asks how they can help - get them to do meal prep for you and all you have to do is throw stuff in a salad bowl and have quick munch while someone else is minding the baby! 

Prepped Smoothie Bags

Having little Ziploc bags filled with fruit and veggies makes smoothies a synch! All you have to do is empty the bag in your blender, add liquid, blend and voila. A nutritious moment to yourself. Great job, mama!

One Pot Pasta

By this point, you’re probably craving carbs. Having a few one pot pasta recipes on-hand will make cooking and clean-up super easy! We love the one from DamnDelicious.com or TheChunkyChef.com. If ease is the name of the game, one pot pastas are the winners. 

Slow Cooker Soups

We couldn’t resist a cozy fall and winter option. The beauty about slow cookers is that you set ‘em, and forget ‘em. By popping some meat, veggies, spices and stock into your slow cooker and putting it on high for a few hours, it’s a simple way to have a nutritious meal without the fuss. Because your baby is probably doing enough of that already!

Make your own parfait

Similar to our first point, having a container of yogurt, some cereals and different fruit in the fridge you can have your own fruit parfait ready to munch on in seconds. And, it’s a cool meal, so no need to worry about it getting warm is baby needs something right before you have to eat. 

You’re doing the best you can, mama! We hope these easy meals will make your first month as a first-time mom a lot easier. Check out our Giftgowns if you want something to make feeding the baby easier too. We’ve got your back covered (literally!)