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5 GIFTS to get a teen in the hospital

The hospital environment can be scary regardless of age, but young people may feel especially bored or disheartened while they’re in recovery. Below is a list of suggested gifts that will help ease discomfort, offer encouragement and spread some cheer during the difficult times.                                         

Gifts for Pampering and Self-Care

People recovering in the hospital often do not feel or look their best, and as a result, might not want too many visitors. Sending something indulgent, like a beautiful lotion or some nail polish, may help  lift their spirits and make them feel more like themselves. Think of ways that you can facilitate aspects of their everyday routine in the hospital, or something that will make them feel pampered. Natural products are especially helpful, because they’re gentle and free of harsh chemicals, which may irritate a patient’s skin.

Pillows, Blankets, Comfortable Clothes or Anything Soft

Being confined to a hospital bed 24/7 is not only boring; it’s also uncomfortable. Gifts that enhance the coziness, warmth and relaxation of the patient are welcomed! Body pillows, which offer comfort as well as extra support, are an ideal gift. Also great ideas: regular pillows, blankets, slippers, etc. Giftgowns are a great alternative to pajamas, because they’re comfortable yet specially formatted for the hospital with functional snaps on the sleeves and back.

Posters or Decorative Gifts

When considering a gift for someone in the hospital, often the first thought is to bring flowers to brighten up a drab room. Unfortunately, many hospitals have restrictions on flowers because they can pose a health risk to patients. Skip the plants and bring a handmade poster, oversize card or photo collage to tape on the wall instead. It will have the same effect of brightening the room, but in a way that’s safe and personalized. A teen’s bedroom is their sanctuary, so anything that makes their hospital room feel like home will be appreciated.


This gift is a no-brainer. Think of all the things the teen in your life loves, whether it’s books, movies, music, comics, what have you and bring them along. Crafting kits (the simpler, the better) or knitting supplies also make excellent hospital gifts because they will keep the recipient busy and distracted. Giving a teen a fun, light-hearted project to work on will help make them feel motivated as well.

Cups, Water Bottles and Bendy Straws

Medication will become a daily part of life in the hospital. It might seem small, but anything to brighten this ritual is a great gift. Whether it’s a cute water bottle or some colorful straws,this gift  will make taking pills easier, and also remind the patient to hydrate.

It can be frightening for a teen to be away from home for extended periods of time, especially in an environment as clinical as a hospital. Gifts and gestures that help curb those natural fears are a way to help your loved one get through this tough time. Think of ways you can normalize the hospital experience for them with a little touch of home; it will be sure to bring a smile to their face.