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Say hello to the first stylish hospital gown

Say no thanks to that old, baggy, boring gown

Boob accessible

Our gowns are accessible with snaps on the sleeves and back. Perfect for breastfeeding.

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The Buzz About Giftgowns

On your journey to motherhood


How it works

Perfect for photos at the hospital and home

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  • Designed with delivery and nursing in mind and ideal for skin-to-skin contact
  • 100% cotton, snaps on the sleeves and back + two pockets
  • Fun graphics to choose from, or make your own
  • Perfect for delivery day photos


Your clothes or pyjamas

  • Does not provide easy access for breastfeeding
  • Not as comfortable for pregnant or post-partum moms
  • Not designed to be picture perfect on your big day
  • Is not adaptable

Design your own

Choose from over 100 stickers, fonts and colors to make your own gown.

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