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3 Easy Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

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The holidays are always filled with gifts and good cheer, and what better way to spread that good cheer then by giving back to those in need? There are so many ways one can do this, but it can be difficult to pick what you’re going to do. Whether you’re helping little ones in need, or helping folks in other ways, here are a few ideas on how you can give back this holiday season: 

Donate a Giftgown

Buying a hospital gown for yourself, or a loved one for their hospital visit  is a luxury not everyone can afford. By donating a Giftgown, you’re giving a little one hope and a smile during a difficult time. You can donate as much, or as little as you like, but we recommend at least $25 which is half the price of a Giftgown! As mentioned, you’ll be giving a little one something to smile about while they’re in the hospital, as well as keeping them comfortable. 


Craft up a storm

If you have a craft you love to do, why not give some time and love to a craft project and then donate the end result to an organization! For example, if you’re a knitter or if you crochet, why not spend some time making a few small, baby or animal sized blankets and donate them to your local women’s shelter, or humane society? Or, if you sew, why not sew a few walker caddies and donate them to your local old folks home. We’re sure they’ll be super appreciative. Either way, it’s a great way to use up some supplies around the house and send some love out into the world during a season that can be difficult for different folks. 

Donate to a food bank

The holidays can be a stressful time for families, especially those who have young children. When money is tight, having enough to pay the bills, feed the family and then have a little left over to get something for the children can be enough to overwhelm anyone. By donating money to a food bank, or even food to the bank, you’re helping families in need by providing necessary food, and helping lessen the stress surrounded by finances around the holidays. 

These are but a few ways that you can give back this holiday season. We hope we’ve inspired you to donate some time, and some money to a good cause throughout December!