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Fun Family Activities for Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner on October 11 and American Thanksgiving is coming along soon as well on November 25. It’s a time where families get together from all around to spend time together. We all know about the delicious food… but what are some fun activities families can do together? I’m here to share some ideas! :)

  • Charades: This is a well-known game where one person stands up one at a time to act out a specific word. For instance, for the word “bird,” someone may choose to run around while flapping their arms up and down. Everyone else in the family guesses. Whoever guesses the word correctly either gets a point or gets to be the next person up! I find that Charades always results in a lot of laughter and smiles.

  • Board games: Board games after Thanksgiving dinner is great because there are always so many choices! There’s bound to be one that everyone in the family loves. You can likely purchase Jenga, Monopoly, LIFE, Twister, Candyland, Codenames, Connect 4, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, Catan, Uno, and many more at almost any large department store such as Target or Walmart. 
  • Finger painting: Finger painting is relatively easier for the kids and elderly as compared to using regular paint brushes. The falling of Fall leaves during Thanksgiving is absolutely beautiful and what better way is there to remember the beauty than putting it into a painting?

  • Karaoke: This may not be the typical activity that comes to mind when you think about Thanksgiving but it’s an activity that people of all ages are able to do. Music is loved by all and could boost the mood/atmosphere of the entire house. If you don’t have a karaoke machine at home, YouTube has karaoke soundtracks for every song I could think of!

  • Movie night: If you want a more cozy activity,  movie night is always an option. Sit down with some pumpkin pie and enjoy an inspirational/motivational movie for the evening. I recommend “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “Forrest Gump,” and “Cast Away”.

  • The Thankfulness Box: This is a personal activity that I created myself. Everyone in the family writes down 3 things they are thankful for, fold it up, and put it in the box. The box is shuffled and everyone then picks out 3 new ones to read out loud. It’s totally okay to accidentally pick out your own too!