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Best Customization Ideas for Mamas-to-Be


Not sure how you want to customize your Giftgown? Fair enough, it can be hard to know what design to do. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got you covered with some of our favourite customization ideas for mamas-to-be! From high-quality photos, to text designs, and graphics, you’re sure to make a design you love! 💖 


Picture of your Ultrasound

A pic of your ultrasound is a cute way to show everyone at the hospital a preview of your new babe. You can even get the ultrasound image printed low down on your bump with the words "coming soon" above it! As soon as you get a copy of your ultrasound, we definitely recommend getting it printed on your custom Giftgown too!


Photo of Your Kid(s)

Although having a new brother or sister can be an exciting experience for kids, it can also be a really scary one. They often feel left out and anxious about the changes that a new baby may bright. You can make them feel like they’re a part of the labour experience by putting a picture of them on the front of your Giftgown. It’s the perfect way to make them feel included and excited for their new sibling!


Birthing Mantra

Putting your birthing mantra on the front of your gown is a great way to stay grounded and prepared during birth. You’ll have it as a reminder to stay calm and collected (well—as calm and collected as you can be) during labour. Check out Ayana’s birthing story and her gown with the hypobirthing mantra “The waves are strong, but I am stronger”.


Funny Saying

If you’re more of a jokester than a mantra person, then we recommend getting a funny saying printed on your gown. You can choose something birthing related or something totally random. What better way to welcome your baby into the world then with humour?


Photo of You and Your Partner

A picture of you and your partner is a fun choice for the front of your gown! You could even do your pregnancy announcement pic. How cute would your little one’s first photos be in front of the pic that announced it to the world?


Sticker Design

Did you know that the Giftgowns customization tool has over 100 stickers to choose from? You can choose one or many to make an oh-so-cute design. Our stickers include watercolour flowers, hearts, cacti, and more! You’ll definitely find a graphic that suits your style with our stickers.


We hope that these ideas give you some inspiration for the perfect custom gown! We love seeing your designs, so don’t forget to post pics and tag us @giftgowns and #giftgowns! 🎨