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Best Date Night Ideas During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant (especially during that third trimester), it can be hard to plan for a date night. Between needing to go pee about 100 times an hour and the obvious avoidance of alcohol, things don’t always go to plan. But, spending time with your partner now is super important – in a few months, you both might just be feeling a little too busy for couple time! We hope these ideas help you have a wonderful and fun date night when pregnant!

Design a Giftgown Together

If you’re looking for a date night that you can do at home designing a custom Giftgown is the perfect choice! You can work together to create an adorable design via our online tool and even add an adorable couple photo to it. It’s the perfect way to bond and stay cozy at home.

Go to an Old School Diner

An old school diner is the perfect place to grab some much needed comfort–and pregnancy craving–food. A diner is also a great option since it’s casual and easy to either have a quick meal or take your time over milkshakes and multiple orders of fries.

Get a Couple’s Massage

A couple’s massage is a relaxing way to spend the day together. You’ll feel both connected and relaxed. Remember, it’s super important that your masseuse is comfortable with prenatal massage, so always double check!

Take a Pottery Class

A pottery or art class is a super fun way to be creative with your partner. You can create a work together or separately. The work you create will also have the special significance of being something you made while waiting for your little one to arrive!

Netflix Night In

Let’s face it: going to a movie when pregnant can be tricky when pregnant. So avoid the stress and plan a movie night in. Choose your favourite flicks and get lots of popcorn and treats ready for this super fun and chill evening. If you’re up for it, you can even make it a double bill. 

Backyard Picnic

If it’s summertime and the weather is beautiful, then a backyard picnic is the perfect romantic date! Pack a basket with your favourite treats and some delicious lemonade and get ready to enjoy! Just don’t forget your blanket!

We hope these ideas help you have the best pregnant date night ever! ❤️