Best Gifts for a Pregnant Capricorn – Giftgowns

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Best Gifts for a Pregnant Capricorn

Gifts for Capricorn, Busy Making a Life Giftgown

When you’re experiencing gift fatigue from the recent holiday season and you have a Capricorn on your list, never fear! These focused and down-to-earth ladies are a synch to shop for, especially with our handy, dandy recommendations!

Want some of the best gifts for a pregnant Capricorn? Take a look!

Busy Making a Life Giftgown

Capricorns are always on the go, busy doing something. What better Giftgown for them than our adorable Busy Making a Life gown in Navy. She’ll love the practicality of the gown. Not to mention, since our Cap mama likes her own things, she’ll loooove bringing her own hospital gown in for labor. It’s also a fun alternative to the blue hospital gowns, so she’ll feel way more comfortable. Or as comfortable as one can be giving birth!

Fancy Charcuterie Board

Caps love to host, as they’re most comfortable at home. Gift them a nice, fancy charcuterie board to jazz up their next dinner party, or girls night. Not only will it be the star of their next gathering, but you bet she’s going to find a place to put it on display! She’s one classy lady, your Capricorn.

Mom Planner

For someone as busy as your Capricorn, bringing a new life into the world could get overwhelming quickly. Think ahead and give them a Mom Planner! It will account of everyone in the family, so she can keep track of her’s, the baby’s and her partner’s appointments, and life events in one compact place. Yes, a phone is great, but there’s something romantic, and earthy about planners that will appeal to your Capricorn.

Antique Trinket

If you see a little something at an antique store that reminds you of your favorite pregnant Capricorn, pick it up for them! They love decorating their home, and they love history. Not to mention, it’s uber personal!


If you’re looking for something simple for her, then go for some nice candles. Don’t bother with the dollar store ones. Capricorns appreciate luxury and will love a nice candle from fancy store (think Charmed Aroma candles). She’ll especially appreciate it when she takes a moment for herself to have a nice bath!

We hope this has given you some inspiration for getting a great gift for the pregnant Capricorn in your life!