Best Gifts for Your Pregnant BFF – Giftgowns

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Best Gifts for Your Pregnant BFF


Having a pregnant best friend is super exciting! While your mama-to-be bestie gets ready for the big day, we have some great gift ideas for you that will keep her happy and relaxed! She’ll be so happy with these awesome present ideas!


Spa Day

A spa is a great way to great gift for a mama-to-be, because it lets her relax and have some time to unwind. You could even make a girls day out of it and go to the spa together! Pro tip: always make sure that the spa treatments are suitable for pregnant women before booking.



A Giftgown is the perfect gift for your bestie! She can wear it while pregnant, during labour, and after for breastfeeding or when she has visitors come over. High quality 100% cotton fabric also make Giftgowns the perfect option for skin-to-skin time with little ones. You can personalize her gown with a photo of a favourite memory or inside joke, or get her a bestseller like Mama in a Box or Love.


Babysitting Coupons

A homemade coupon for babysitting once the baby is born is a thoughtful gift for your BFF. She can use the coupon when she just needs a night or day off. This is a gift that she and her partner will love. Plus, you get the bonus of an evening spent hanging with get to hang with an adorable baby!


Mom Merch

If your BFF is a first time mom (or even if she’s not), she’s definitely going to want to tell the world! Giving her some mom-themed merch is a great way for her to show off her new status. We love the Mama in a Box hat for this, as it’s great for keeping her warm and cozy while at the hospital. Plus she can continue wearing it out and about afterwards too!


Maternity Photo Shoot

Does your bestie love to be in spotlight? Then a maternity photo shoot is the perfect gift for her! Find a photographer in your area and have her bring her fave outfits for the shoot! Or if you’re a skilled photographer, you could even do this yourself! Your bestie is sure to love seeing the photos and posting them on social for all of her friends and family to see!


Labour Socks

Labour socks are specifically designed for giving birth with grips on the bottom to ensure that the mama’s feet don’t slip. They’re one of those things that many women might not think of, but will be happy to have in the hospital. Check out these adorable Keep Calm and Ow labour socks!


Maternity Gift Bag

A maternity gift bag is the perfect gift when you want to give everything to your bestie! Look for one that’s specifically made for mamas to be. We love this maternity gift bag that’s curated with moms in mind and includes a Giftgown, socks, journal, hat, and more!


We hope this helps you come up with the best gifts for your bestie! 👯‍♀️