Best Mother's Day Gifts for Expecting Mamas – Giftgowns

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Best Mother's Day Gifts for Expecting Mamas

Mother’s Day is an exciting holiday for expecting moms! Although their little one might not be born yet, they still likely feel super connected to the holiday. We’ve gathered some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts for mamas-to-be, so you’ll know exactly what to get her!


A Giftgown is the perfect gift for the mama-to-be in your life! She can wear it while pregnant, during labour, and after for breastfeeding or when she has visitors come over. High quality 100% cotton fabric also make Giftgowns the perfect option for skin-to-skin time with little ones. You even can personalize her gown with a photo of her ultrasound or a favourite memory, or get her a bestseller like Mama in a Box or Love.

Labour Socks

Labour socks are specifically designed for giving birth with grips on the bottom to ensure that the mama’s feet don’t slip. They’re one of those things that many women might not think of, but will be happy to have in the hospital. Check out these adorable Keep Calm and Ow labour socks! Any expecting mom will love this practical and fun gift.



Sometimes the hospital can get a bit chilly, but a cozy hat can keep any mom-to-be warm during labour and beyond. We love hats with maternity designs that will be oh-so-cute in pictures with the new baby! Check out this adorable Mama in a Box hat! It’s the perfect gift for any new mom and can also be bundled with a Mama in a Box Giftgown!

Spa Day

A spa is a great way to great gift for a mama-to-be, because it lets her relax and have some time to unwind. This is the perfect gift that let’s a mama-to-be relax before her big day. Pro tip: always make sure that the spa treatments are suitable for pregnant women before booking.

Framed Photo

A framed photo of the pregnant mama-to-be is a great Mother’s Day present that she will treasure forever. She will love this gift and it will be a great reminder of her pregnancy for years to come!

We hope this helps you find the best Mother’s Day gifts for the mama-to-be in your life! 💕