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Cute Gift Ideas for Scorpio Season

Do you have a pregnant Scorpio in your life that you're desperately trying to find the perfect gift for? With their mysterious nature, they’re drawn to dark colours and mysterious topics, which can make it difficult to find the perfect gift. 

Hopefully the cute gift ideas below will inspire you for Scorpio season!

A Black Mama in a Box Giftgown

Scorpios are drawn to dark colours, as well as classic designs. The Black Mama in a Box Giftgown is perfect for the pregnant Scorpio in your life! With the pockets, mama can keep her phone close, for photo opportunities. The snaps on the shoulder will make breastfeeding much easier, and the snaps on the back are perfect for epidurals. We promise, she’ll love it! 

A Rare Plant

If you’re looking for a more cerebral gift for the Scorpio in your life, get them a rare plant. They love a learning challenge, so a new plant (and a book about it to match), will keep them busy while they nest. Not to mention, it will be a great reminder of her pregnancy after the baby is born!

A Big Black Scarf

Scorpios are known for being mysterious, and getting them a big black scarf that they can shroud themselves in will be a big hit. Not only is it a perfect accessory to any outfit, but one size fits all, and it will transition from pregnant style to mom style flawlessly. 

The Newest Thriller Novel

Everyone loves a good book, and the newest thriller will delight your Scorpio mama. The twists and turns will keep them locked in for the entire novel, and it will delight them to have such an intense tale to talk about with their friends and family. 

A Bold Hospital Go-Bag

Scorpios love a statement piece. From statement jewelry to bold bags, getting a pregnant Scorpio a bold hospital bag will make them much more comfortable, and confident going into the hospital for labor. Not sure what to put in that hospital bag? Check out our Hospital Go-Bag Essentials: Part One article! 

We hope we’ve inspired you to get one, or all of these cute gifts for Scorpio season!