Fall Pregnancy Essentials – Giftgowns

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Fall Pregnancy Essentials

fall pregnancy essentials - pumpkin gown

Hello October! Now that we’re heading into fall, you’re probably looking for your fall pregnancy essentials. It’s such a cute, cozy time of year, filled with tasty drinks, comfy clothes and heart-warming décor. 

If you need some autumn inspiration, here are a few of our fall pregnancy essentials: 

A Giftgown

Why not get a Giftgown to be comfortable from bump, to birth, to baby? We have designs like Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History, if you’re feeling sassy. They’re available in cotton-flannel which is perfect for keeping warm in the cooler weather. It’s also an essential that can make any appointment you have easier, and the design can help keep your spirits up when you’re in the throes of labor. 

Maternity jeans

Fall means the return of our faithful jeans. There’s nothing like a comfortable white tee, a vest or jacket and some jeans to make you feel like one million bucks in the fall. To make sure you’re able to feel just as during your pregnancy, invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans! Especially if you’re early on in your pregnancy, you’ll be able to get a lot of wear out of them between the fall and winter seasons!

To-go mug

Colder weather means warm drinks. Having a dependable, sturdy to-go mug means your drinks will stay warm if mom-brain activates and you get distracted for a few hours. Not to mention having this in your purse, or your car will lessen your waste consumption if you’re a Starbucks addict. 

Epsom salts

Baths are divine, especially when it’s chilly outside and you want to relax after a long day. Having some epsom salts on hand will make your bath even more relaxing. The salts will help release any legs cramps you may have, as well as help sooth the skin on your belly! Basically, we’re telling you to take some time for yourself and relax. 

A pregnancy pillow

Because you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors, it’s a great idea to get a pregnancy pillow. They help support your belly when you’re lying down in bed, or on the couch, and some of them double as back support for chairs, as well.  What’s the point of being cozy if you can’t be comfortable?

We hope these fall pregnancy essentials have given you some inspiration of what’s needed for the upcoming season!