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Gift Ideas for Babies 12-18 Months

Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the time when people start to think about what gifts they are going to buy for their loved ones.  If you have had a baby recently, your family and friends will surely be asking you what kind of gifts they should buy for your baby. A discussion thread on the r/NewParents Reddit page prompted this question, so we have compiled the best answers from that thread.  Use this blog to send out a list of ideas to family members on what they can get your 12–18-month-old for Christmas.



Some may see this as a “boring gift”, but books are essential to your child’s learning, and there is no such thing as too much reading.



If your child is 12-18 months, then this fun and interactive toy is the exact type of thing that they will start wanting to play with very soon.



As babies grow, you will find that you go through tons of pairs of shoes.  So, shoes are the perfect gift, as they are super necessary and useful.


Stuffed Animals

This is a great gift because it is something your child may cherish for a very long time.


Toy Musical Instruments

This was a common response in the thread.  It seems babies this age just love making music!


Building-based Toys

Around this age, kids will start to love toys that involve putting stuff together.  Things like wooden train sets or building blocks are perfect examples.


Experience-based Gifts

By experience-based gifts, we mean things that involve activities – like memberships for the local zoo or aquarium, museums, or swimming lessons.  This was one of the most creative responses in the whole thread, and it is an amazing idea as it gets the whole family involved.


We hope that you find this list useful for the upcoming season.  Merry Christmas!