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Gifts for a Pregnant Gemini

Summer is here and so is the Gemini season! If you know a Gemini, you know that they are the centre of all things happening. The social butterflies of the zodiac, these people are intellectual and as playful as one can be. To make sure you have the perfect gift for the Gemini mama-to-be, you better have a look at our list or risk an honest review from them.  

 Here’s our list of the most perfect Gemini gifts:

  1. My Other Gown is Chanel Giftgown

These fashionistas like nothing better than some attention! And they most certainly own a Chanel (you know it if you are a true Gemini friend!). There’s nothing more miserable than the plain hospital gown for these trendsetters! So, we at Giftgowns got an alternative for the Gemini in your life. My Other Gown is Chanel is the perfect gift for these moms-to-be. The most ideal item to own while pregnant! They would love the practicality of the gown as well as love to make a statement through it!

  1. A Thick Journal

The Gemini ladies always have a lot to say (and we are not complaining). Gift them a big, fat jotting journal, so that they could jot down all the juicy gossip while they are at the hospital! Make sure to slide it into their go-to hospital bag, they will love you for it!

  1. Dainty, Sparkly Jewellery

When you see a luxurious glittering piece of jewellery on a window, who do you think of? Your Gemini friend? Well, that’s because they do enjoy a good sparkly piece of attention-grabbing jewellery! Gift the nicest jewels to them to make them feel uber special in their most special moment.

  1. Face Mask

Another thing that these zodiacs like is to be presentable. Gift a Gemini mom-to-be the numerous available face sheet masks to pamper them further. These are a good option as they take very little effort to put on and give an instant glow! Not to forget these come multiple in a pack, even better!

  1. Throw Pillows

These are adored by anybody, but your pregnant Gemini friend would totally love it and thank you for it! Throw pillows are in trend and though they are notoriously known for not much use, these can come in handy for a pregnant lady.

Hoping this list has given you some ideas!