Hospital Go-Bag Essentials Part Two: For Baby – Giftgowns

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Hospital Go-Bag Essentials Part Two: For Baby


Alongside the essentials for mom, you’ll want to make sure you bring everything you’ll need for your little one with you to the hospital too! We’ve compiled a list of things to include in your hospital go-bag for you new baby as well as some items you’ll need on your way home. We’ll be honest—not everything on here will fit into a bag, but everything on this list is super important for the first hours and days of your little one’s life. To make it extra simple, we’ve even sorted it so that everything is in the order that you’ll need it! 🤱


A Giftgown

It’s super important that the clothing you’re wearing during skin-to-skin time is soft on your newborn’s skin. Giftgowns are 100% high quality cotton, which makes them perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. Giftgowns are functional for you too, with snaps along the shoulders that make breastfeeding a breeze, snaps on the back to keep you covered, and pockets to make sure everything you need is right at hand! Plus in your Giftgown you’ll be picture perfect for the first photos of you and your little one!


First Outfit

Don’t forget to bring a few options for your baby’s first outfit with you! Bring clothes that are soft 100% cotton and won’t irritate your new babe’s skin. Make sure to bring a variety of sizes just in case your baby is bigger or smaller than expected.


Baby Blanket

Babies can get cold very easily, so bringing a blanket for them is key. Plus, it makes a great memento for later on—they’ll be able to show off their first blankie for years to come! Look for blankets that are made of non-irritating fibres such as cotton to ensure your little one’s skin doesn’t get irritated.


Burp Cloths

Babies need to be burped…a lot. Make sure to bring some burp cloths with you to the hospital avoid the inevitable spit-up everywhere. Yes—it’s definitely going to happen at some point during your babe’s infancy, but might as well put it off for as long as you can. When it comes to burp cloths always go for bigger to cover more surface area!



Although hospitals may provide some diapers, they may not provide them for the entire period of time that you are there. So it’s definitely a good idea to bring some along. Pro tip: If you’re thinking about going down the cloth diaper route, remember to sign up for your subscription service before you go into labour, so you’ll be set for when you head home.


Outdoor Gear (weather dependent)

If you live somewhere that has a cold climate, make sure you bring weather appropriate baby clothes. Newborns are particularly sensitive to cold, so they need to be dressed super warmly even if they’re only going to be outside for a few minutes!  


A Car Seat

A car seat is one of the most important things to bring to the hospital. In fact, many hospitals will not let you leave unless you have the correct one set up and ready to go. Always buy car seats new, as regulations around them are constantly changing and they can deteriorate over time.


We hope this helps you complete your hospital go-bag! Be sure to check out Part One, which highlights all the essentials for mom! 🥰