Hospital Go-Bag Essentials Part One: For Moms – Giftgowns

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Hospital Go-Bag Essentials Part One: For Moms

Packing your hospital go-bag for labour is a key part of getting ready for birth! You’ll want to make sure your bag is packed full of the essentials to help make your experience go as smoothly as possible. We recommend packing your bag when you’re about 32-36 weeks pregnant so that you are ready just in case you have an early arrival! 😉


It can be hard to feel good during labour while wearing a scratchy and oversized hospital gown. Giftgowns solve this problem by being comfy, cute, and functional for labour. They have snaps along the shoulders for access and along the back for coverage and epidurals, 100% cotton fabric, and even pockets. Giftgowns come in lots of cute maternity designs, or you can customize your own with photos, a favourite saying, or graphics! They are the perfect gift for the new mom who wants to feel confident during labour and be ready for picture-perfect moments with her baby. Plus with their shoulder snaps, Giftgowns are designed to make breastfeeding a breeze at the hospital and at home! We recommend bringing a couple of Giftgowns so you’ll have them for delivery and clean ones for afterward! Check out our bundles for some favourite duos and trios.


Labour Socks

Labour socks are a fun gift that you can use in the hospital and when you head back home. They are designed specifically for delivery and feature grips on the bottom, so your feet don’t slip. Plus this means no cold feet in the hospital

Birth Plan

Having a copy of your birth plan ready will help you feel confident and ready at the hospital. Just remember to be open to changes, as labour usually doesn’t go exactly according to plan. 


Sometimes the hospital can get a bit chilly, so we recommend bring a hat with you to help stay cozy! While you’re at it, might as well choose one that is maternity themed like Giftgowns’ Mama in a Box hat. 

Lip Balm

Hospitals are often super dry, so within even a few hours you might find your lips are starting to crack. Popping your fave lip balm in your bag means there will be one less uncomfortable thing to worry about during labour.

Hair Ties

Let’s be real: birth can be a long and messy process and having sweaty hair plastered against your face is definitely not comfy. Having some nice scrunchies or hair ties to keep it up and out of your face can help you feel a bit fresher and a little less sweaty.

Going Home Outfit

It’s important to remember to bring an outfit to go home in. Bring something that is super comfy and stretchy/bagger to accommodate for your post-partum body! Think sweat pants or leggings and a comfy cotton tee.

Post-Partum Pads

Pads are going to be your best friend for the days and weeks following birth. Pro tip: choose comfy, breathable undies to wear them with. 

Nursing Bras

If you’re nursing, you’ll definitely want to bring at least one nursing bra in your hospital go-bag. They help make the process much easier and are so much comfier for post-partum mamas than a traditional bra.

Breast Pads

There will likely be inevitable leakage, so having breast pads will keep you feeling confident and more comfortable! You can choose to get disposable or reusable ones, so try both and see what suits you best.


Since you’ll be in the hospital for likely at least 24 hours, it’s a good idea to bring a toiletries bag with all the essentials. Bringing basics like toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, and deodorant means you can avoid using the hand soap in the bathroom as an all-purpose hygiene tool.


We hope this list helps you pack the ultimate hospital bag essentials!  💖