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How to Prepare for Twins


If you’re a mama-to-be who’s recently found out that you’re expecting twins, you likely have a lot of questions on your mind. One baby is exciting and two are also exciting, although often overwhelming. We’ve gathered some of our favourite advice to help you prepare for your two bundles of joy!


Get Ready to Size Up in Maternity Clothes

You have two babies in your belly, not just one! That means you’ll almost certainly need to size up in maternity clothes. It can sometimes be hard to find ones that are super comfy as a twin mom, but that’s where Giftgowns come in! Giftgowns are soft and cozy and will take you from bump, to birth, to baby with 100% cotton fabric, two pockets, and snaps on the sleeves and back that make breastfeeding and epidural access a breeze! You can even customize your Giftgown with an ultrasound pic of your twins!


Join a Twin Club

Joining a twin support club is a fantastic way to meet other mamas who are in the same boat as you. This is the perfect place to find your mom friends and also to find guidance from twin moms who have older children already!


Find a Doctor who Deals with Multiples

Finding a doctor who is experienced with multiples is super important when having twins. Twin pregnancies are considered high risk, so having a medical professional who knows exactly what they are doing is key. Ask around—at your twin club perhaps—to find the perfect doctor for you!


Ask for Help When You Need It

Let’s be real: one baby can be difficult. Two babies? That can sometimes seem nearly impossible. So when your friends and family offer to help and support you, get used to saying yes and don’t be afraid to ask for help too! Anything from a home cooked meal to even an hour of babysitting can make your life so much less stressful. Plus, friends and family get to hang out with two adorable babies—it’s a win for everyone!


Prepare As Much As You Can Beforehand

Twin moms often have to go on bed rest or at least take things really easy starting at 30 weeks. Getting as prepped as you can as early means you won’t be stressed later on. Plus, prepping for two little ones is the perfect excuse to shop and decorate!  Looking for ideas for your nursery?  Check out this helpful guide from The Porch! 


We hope this helps you feel all ready for your new babies! Double congrats on your bundles of joy! 👶👶