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Last Minute Gifts for Pregnant Mamas

Last Minute Gifts for Pregnant Mamas - GiftgownsHey there last minute gift buyer. You’re probably feeling super stressed because you have less than a week left before the big day are you’re missing a few gifts for the pregnant mama on your list. Worry not! We’ve thought of a few last minute gifts to help you feel less stressed. Good luck! 

Donate a Gown

If the mama on your list is all about charity and giving back, you definitely want to donate a Giftgown on her behalf. You can tell her that we work with charities and hospitals across North America donating gowns to folks who need them. She’ll be thrilled! 

A prenatal Massage 

Pregnancy can do a number on any body. If the mama on your list has been cleared for a prenatal massage, book one for her! It will help her relax, and take some time to herself before her life changes in a drastic way. 

A jacket extension

This is such a practical gift. Buying maternity coats can be expensive, especially since it can only be worn for a few months. Get the mom on your list a jacket extension. All she needs to do is zip it onto her front, and her favorite jacket (pre-pregnancy) will fit over her belly, and over the baby once she gives birth!

Body Butter 

This is always a great gift, but if you’re really scrambling, get the mama on your list some luxurious body butter. Her skin is bound to get dry in the winter, and having some nice lotion on hand will allow her to take a few minutes to herself, even after the baby is born. 

Epsom Salts

If the mom on your list is dealing with some serious swollen ankles, get her some epsom salts. She can use them when she has a nice, warm bath (we checked)! They help soothe her ankles, and it will help her relax while she’s busy making a life. Better yet, you can get them at the drugstore, so super easy! 

You’ve still got a few days, you’ve got this! We hope these last minute gifts for pregnant mamas made your shopping a bit easier.