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Mother’s Day Traditions You Can Start While Expecting

Mother’s Day is one of our favourite holidays of the year! It’s such a wonderful day and chance for families to spend time together. If you’re a first time mama-to-be, you can still begin celebrating and creating Mother’s Day traditions while you’re pregnant. We’ve collected some of our favourite traditions that you can start when your bun is still in the oven.

Take a photo with your bump & ultrasound

Yes, we know–your little one isn’t born yet. Still that’s no reason why you can’t get a super cute photo with their ultrasound and your bump! For a super cute and unique pic, we recommend getting a photo of your ultrasound custom printed on a Giftgown. Then you can get a photo in your gown featuring your ultrasound right on your bump. So cute! You can continue this tradition each year and have a picture with your little one each year on Mother’s Day, as your baby grows up.

Write a letter to your baby

Writing a letter to your baby with your hopes and dreams for him or her is a sweet way to connect with them before they arrive. You can reflect on your pregnancy and think about your hopes and dreams for your little one. This is a great tradition that you can begin now and continue to do yearly. Once your child is old enough, you can give them a new letter each year alongside the letters you wrote when they were too young to read.

Call your mom

Don’t forget to call and connect with your mom on Mother’s Day. Sending her your best wishes means a lot. She’ll also be super a important person to have around to help with any Remember that she’s probably really excited to be a grandmother and wants to be involved in your journey to motherhood. Starting a Mother’s Day tradition of connecting with her now will mean double the celebrations during future years!

…And your mother-in-law

While she might not be your favourite person, she’s going to be an important member of your baby’s life. Plus, she’s the one who made your sweetheart so sweet. Giving your mother-in-law a call will help to make sure she feels involved in your new baby’s life and will let her know how much you appreciate her.

We hope these traditions help you to have the best Mother’s Day ever! 💖