Perfect Gifts for Moms About to Give Birth – Giftgowns

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Perfect Gifts for Moms About to Give Birth


When a mom-to-be is going into labour, there are a million things on her mind. Make life easier for her by getting her a gift that makes her hospital experience simpler and more comfortable! It’s a great way to show your support and congratulate her on her new baby!🤱 


A Giftgown

Women want to feel good during labour, but that can be hard to do when wearing a scratchy oversized hospital gown. Giftgowns solve this problem by being comfy, cute, and functional for labour. They have snaps along the shoulders for access and along the back for coverage, 100% cotton fabric, and even pockets. Giftgowns come in lots of cute maternity designs, or you can customize your own with photos, favourite saying, or graphics! They are the perfect gift for the new mom who wants to feel confident during labour and be ready for picture-perfect moments with her baby. Plus with their shoulder snaps, Giftgowns are designed to make breastfeeding a breeze at the hospital and at home!


Lip Balm

The air-conditioned hospital halls can often result in very dry lips. A lip balm is the perfect present to avoid dry and cracked lips! With so many options available, this is the perfect gift to please even the pickiest of new moms.


Gift Bag

A gift basket is a great way to give a mix of everything! Look for gift baskets that are specifically curated for new moms and have a mix of functional and fun items to give her! We recommend this maternity gift bag, which features a Giftgown, lotion, colouring book, fuzzy socks, and more!


Cozy hat

Sometimes the hospital can get a bit chilly, but a cozy hat can keep any mom-to-be warm during labour and beyond. And, it’s something most women won’t have put in their hospital bag, so you’ll be sure that it’s a unique gift. Pro-tip: look for ones with maternity designs that will be oh-so-cute in pictures with the new baby!


Snack Pack

As we all know, labour can last a very long time. Giving a mom-to-be a snack pack means she will be able to avoid the often-icky hospital food. Small yogurt packs, plain crackers or cookies, and soup packets are all great choices! Plus, studies have even shown that eating small snacks throughout labour can help to speed it up. Always make sure the mom-to-be checks with her doctor before consuming snacks during labour, as they are not recommended for women who may need C-sections.



Socks are a fun gift that new moms can use in the hospital and when they head back home. Labour socks are designed specifically for delivery and feature grips on the bottom, so her feet don’t slip. Or, you can get her a comfy pair of fuzzy socks to make sure she stays comfy and warm after labour!  


With these gifts, any mom-to-be is sure to feel supported and during her labour experience!  🎀