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Self-Care Ideas for Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it’s really important to take care of yourself! Use this time to prepare for motherhood and stay relaxed while doing it. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of our favourite self-care ideas so you can take care of yourself during pregnancy!


If you’re feeling stressed about your pregnancy, meditation is a great way to become more mindful. Even taking just five minutes per day to meditate can make a world of difference to how you feel. Plus, with apps out that for guided meditation, it’s never been easier to get a few moments of peace and quiet!

Eat Wholesome Foods

Eating well when your pregnant is super important, after all you are eating for two! If you’re usually one to indulge in a lot of junk food, that’s okay…just make sure to balance it with some vegetables and whole grains too! Or look for recipes that taste delicious, yet still manage to sneak in veggies–zucchini bread anyone?

Don’t Forget to Rest

Fatigue is one of the most common pregnancy side effects, so knowing when you need to take a break is super important. Don’t be afraid to slow down a bit more than usual while pregnant. Your body and your baby will thank you later.

Take a Staycation

If you’re looking to really relax, then why not plan a Staycation. Take a few days off work to just enjoy the world around you. Read your favourite books, watch your favourite movies, plan for your baby and just chill out. While you’re relaxing on your Staycation might as well wear something comfy too, so why not try a Giftgown. You can lounge in it now and then use it later for labour and nursing!

Try Prenatal Yoga

Even if you’re not usually a yogi, prenatal yoga can be a great activity to try out when pregnant. Make sure the class is designed for mamas-to-be and that it’s run by a teacher who is qualified in prenatal yoga. As a bonus, the studio could be a great place to meet some new potential mom-friends!

Pamper Yourself

Now’s the time to get that prenatal massage, put on a facemask, and treat yourself! When the baby comes, you might not have as many moments for yourself, so take advantage now! Whether you head to the spa or create a mini-spa at home, you are sure to feel more relaxed after some pampering.

We hope these ideas help you have the best and most relaxing pregnancy ever! Congrats on your bundle of joy! 🤱

Self-Care Ideas for Pregnancy