Simple Ways to Make Your First Days of Motherhood Easier – Giftgowns

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Simple Ways to Make Your First Days of Motherhood Easier

Being a new mom comes with lots of joy and excitement, however it can come with a lot of stress too. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the simplest ways to make your first month of motherhood just a little bit easier. Congrats in advance on your new little one!

Be Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable during your first weeks of motherhood. To help combat this we recommend wearing clothing that is functional and cozy! A perfect item to wear is a Giftgown! With snaps along the shoulders for breastfeeding access and cozy 100% cotton fabric, you and your baby are sure to feel great in a Giftgown!

Cook in Advance

Doing bulk cooking in advance of your birth can make life a whole lot easier during that first month of motherhood. Cook your comfort food favourites and freeze them in meal-sized portions. That way you can always be ready with nutritious and delicious food!

Accept Help

It’s no surprise that having a new baby is a lot of work. There will inevitably be many sleepless nights. So when your friends and family offer to help you out, accept the help! 

Join a Mom Support Group

Even though being a new mom can sometimes feel isolating, there are lots of other moms out there going through the same things that you are. Joining a support group will give you the chance with other women going through the same thing. It can also be a great opportunity to make some mom friends!

Take Time for Yourself

You probably won’t have too many moments for yourself, so when you do have a bit of time make sure to take full advantage of it. Taking even just 10 minutes of your day to read, watch your favourite TV episode, or take a quick walk will definitely help you relax!  

We hope this helps your first days of motherhood easier! Congrats on your bundle of joy! 💖