Summer Pregnancy Essentials – Giftgowns

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Summer Pregnancy Essentials

Summer is officially here! That means sun and lots of fun! Being pregnant in the summer comes with lots of benefits and a few challenges too. We’ve compiled a list of summer pregnancy essentials so you and your bump can have the best summer ever!

Lots of Water

Summer means heat, so a ton of water is key! If you’re not feeling well, dehydration might just be the culprit, so always keep a water bottle handy! Pro tip: treats like low sugar popsicles are also packed with water and will help you stay cool and hydrated during the summer.

Comfy & Breezy Clothing

When you’re pregnant, it’s super important to feel comfy in what you’re wearing. Summertime is the perfect time to embrace breezy, flowy, and comfy dresses! Or if you’re looking for something to wear around home and your neighbourhood why not get a Giftgown? There are lots of styles available including summery favourites like Peace that will take you from bump, to birth, to baby!



It’s important to keep your skin protected! When spending a lot of time in the sun opt for a high SPF sunscreen to keep your skin safe. Sunscreens are considered safe during pregnancy, but if you’re concerned about chemicals you can always opt for the all-natural mineral variety, which sits on top of skin and protects your skin as well as chemical options.

Wide Brimmed Hat

A wide brimmed hat is perfect to keep the sun of any mama-to-be’s face!   It will keep you cool and help you avoid sun damage to your skin. Plus, they are totally in style this summer.

Ice Packs

When the summer heat is getting to you a bit too much, an ice pack is just the thing to cool you off! Keep a couple in your freezer and pop them in your bag if you’re planning on being outside for the day! As a bonus, you can use them to help calm ankle swelling that’s due to pregnancy.

Any Swimsuit You Like!

Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean the beach isn’t calling! It’s totally up to you what kind of swimsuit you’d like to wear! There are lots of maternity options out there! Or if you feel like donning your string bikini from days past, then go for it and show your bump to the world!

We hope this helps you have the best summer pregnancy ever! 💖