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Top 5 Maternity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time to show off your bump! If you’re pregnant during October, why not use your bump as a part of your Halloween costume. After all, there are so many creative ways you can dress up! We’ve collected five of our favourite ideas for maternity Halloween costumes you can wear this October!



A cute pumpkin belly is a great choice for any mom-to-be this Halloween! It’s a classic costume that’s also adorable and especially relevant to Fall! Giftgowns’ Pumpkin gown makes a great costume choice, as you can wear it for Halloween and then wear it later on for labour and breastfeeding!


Fried Egg

A fried egg is a cute, fun, and easy Halloween costume to wear when you’re pregnant! Just sport all white plus a yellow circle on your belly—so simple! Plus, you can have your partner dress up as bacon to make your costume a full breakfast! And, with Giftgowns’ customization feature, you can put a yellow yolk onto the front of a white Giftgown! Use our customization tool to make yours now.


Mother Earth 

A Mother Earth Costume is the perfect Halloween attire for any mama-to-be who loves nature! Simply put a picture of the world on your bump and accessorize with leaves and flowers! Pro tip: upload a picture of the globe onto a personalized Giftgown and you’ll have the perfect Halloween costume and delivery day outfit!


A Bun in the Oven

A bun in the oven is the best Halloween costume for moms-to-be who love puns! This simple costume is something you can make yourself. Just take a large cardboard box, decorate it like an oven and paste a picture of a bun on the front! You’ll get a big laugh from all your friends and family with this costume!



Even though it’s fall, you can still be your favourite summer fruit for Halloween! With Giftgowns’ Watermelon gown, you’ll be set for Halloween and labour! To make it even more Halloween friendly, add a green hat and some green tights to your gown!


There are so many great costume options for moms-to-be! Do you have other ideas?   Use Giftgowns’ customization tool and upload your favourite design onto a gown. Why not celebrate Halloween and deliver in style!