Top 5 Nesting Ideas – Giftgowns

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Top 5 Nesting Ideas

When you’re in your final trimester and anxiously waiting for your little one to arrive, it’s always fun to have several nesting projects on-the-go! It’s also great to make sure you have space for your little one to grow and thrive before you’re thrust into the realities of parenthood. Which is when, let’s be real, you won’t have time to think about what would look cute in the nursery. More like, it’ll be negotiating with yourself when you have time to have a shower!


So, to get ahead of the game, here are our top 5 nesting ideas:



A Giftgown for yourself

Who doesn’t love a little online shopping? If you’re tired out by preparing the nursery, why not sit down and browse which Giftgown you’d like for your delivery and post-partum journey? Our gowns are perfect because of the snaps on the shoulder and back, and they’re 100% cotton so they’ll keep you comfortable whether you’re delivering at the hospital, or breastfeeding at home. This is where the snaps on the shoulders come in really handy. It’s the perfect nesting project for when you’re too tired to actively nest. 😉

Some cute books to read to your little one

Having some books in the nursery make for adorable decor options, and it’s always great to be prepared for when you’d like to start reading to your little one. That, and if you have a few soft and plush baby books, they’re great for keeping baby occupied once they’ve grown a bit. 

Personalized name board

You’ve seen them on the ‘gram, why not buy one, or make your own! You could go for something ultra design focused with your little ones name, or a simple stencil of their name on canvas. Whatever you decide, it’s a cute little touch that can really tie together your nursery.

Handmade blanket

This is for the real crafters out there. If you need something to keep your hands busy while sitting down, or resting this is a great project for you! You can go to your craft store and find the softest yarn you can find, then browse the internet for a simple baby blanket pattern and you’re off to the races! If you’re not super crafty, you can always ask a relative to fulfill this particular request.  

Finding the perfect baby mobile

Yet another piece of decor that can really tie a nursery together, finding the perfect baby mobile is another excuse to take a seat and rest to do some online browsing. There are so many different styles and options, not to mention you can also find personalized options! Once again, if you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can also find a bunch of adorable DIY baby mobiles on Pinterest.

We hope we’ve inspired you start a few nesting projects before your bundle of joy arrives! 🤰