Ultimate Stocking Stuffers for Expecting Moms – Giftgowns

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Ultimate Stocking Stuffers for Expecting Moms

It’s almost the middle of October, and we know some of you are already planning for the holiday season and what gifts your going to get your family and friends. We’re firm believers that all our products make excellent gifts, no matter what time of year it is. So, we wanted to share a few of our products that would make ultimate stocking stuffers for any new moms on your list!  

Grippy Socks Bundle

When the mom-to-be goes into labour, having these grippy socks will be super helpful, whether she’s pacing around at the hospital, or at home. Not only are they super snug and comfortable, but we have adorable socks with sayings on the bottom (like, “Get This Baby Out!”). 

Cute Mom Themed Hats

Everyone wants to be cozy during the winter, right? And what better way to stay cozy than with an adorable embroidered hat? Celebrate the expecting mama by putting one of our #MomLife or MAMA in a Box hats in her stocking. There’s something for everyone!

Heating Pad

Is the expecting mom in your family in her third trimester? Get her a heating bad to help with all the aches and pains that come along with carrying another life. Whether she uses it on her back after a long day, or on her feet before bed, it’ll get a lot of use and the mom-in-question will be very thankful!

A Foot Massage Ball

Yet another foot gift for a pregnant mom, a foot massage ball has many benefits. One, it can help relieve any soreness or stiffness that can plague a pregnant lady. It can also be used to stimulate blood stimulation, which is great for keeping the feet nice and warm during the winter. And, they fit perfectly into a stocking!

A Nursing Necklace

This gift is thinking ahead for when baby is born. Having a nursing necklace is not only a cute fashion statement, but it’s also a great way for baby’s hands to keep busy. Babies tend to grab and poke when they’re nursing, and it can be uncomfortable. By having a nursing necklace, it’ll help keep mama comfortable, as well as keep baby’s hands occupied. 

A Giftgown
Make sure mama is prepared by putting a Giftgown or two in her stocking. Having a Giftgown is perfect for her entire pregnancy journey, from bump, to birth, to baby! She can wear them for all her ultrasounds, and other appointments, and when she's in labor, having a Giftgown is beyond useful because they're epidural friendly with the snaps on the back, and the snaps on the shoulder make breastfeeding more accessible.

Good on your for getting ahead of the game and doing the holiday shopping early! We hope these ultimate stocking stuffers for new moms were helpful!