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Unexpected Items for Your Hospital Go-Bag

While there are some items that may be obvious to bring to the hospital like a birth plan and car seat, there are others that you may not realize you’ll need. We’ve compiled this list to help you figure out what less-than-obvious items you might need in your hospital go-bag! 

Your Own Gown

Although you can wear the scratchy gown that the hospital provides, you’ll be much comfier if you bring your own gown to the hospital when giving birth! Look for gowns that are specifically designed for labour and beyond and are functional as well as cute. With snaps on the shoulders for breastfeeding access, snaps along the back for coverage and epidurals, and even pockets Giftgowns are the perfect thing to wear during delivery. Check out some of the adorable designs here!

Your Own Custom Gown

What better way to feel comfortable and confident in the hospital than with a gown that you designed yourself! Giftgowns offers the option of customization so that you can make your hospital gown uniquely YOU! You can add graphics, sayings, or even photos on the front of your gown – so cute and unique! Or if you’re having a second child, why not put a picture of your first with a cute phrase like “waiting for baby” so they will feel included too! 


A Toque

Hospitals can be cold places even in the summer months. There will definitely be lots of blankets around for you, but we suggest bringing a toque too to keep you extra cozy and warm. Check out the adorable Blessed Mama hat by Giftgowns!


Your toes might start to get a little chilly during labour. We recommend bringing several pairs of socks to keep your feet nice and warm. Plus, you can totally express your excitement for your new baby with labour-themed socks like the Giftgowns Get This Baby Out sock!

Entertainment Material

Although you might expect to be busy having your baby, the reality is labour can be a slow process for many women. If you’re in the early stages of labour, you may end up spending a lot more time waiting in the hospital than you would expect. So definitely pack some magazines, cards, and have your phone fully charged so you can stay entertained!


There’s a good chance you will start to get hungry during labour, especially if you end up having a longer labour. Having your favourite snacks available will make you feel better during labour! Remember to always check with a healthcare professional before eating during labour.

We hope this helps you feel prepared and ready for labor – you got this! 🤗