Unexpected Must-Haves for Your Baby’s First Month of Life – Giftgowns

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Unexpected Must-Haves for Your Baby’s First Month of Life

Your baby’s first month of life is sure to be a crazy time for both of you! Between irregular sleep schedules, feeding, bathing, and cuddling with your little one, the time flies by! To help you be extra prepared, we’ve made a list with all the unexpected essentials you’ll need for your new babe’s first month on this planet! 🤱 

A Giftgown

During your new baby’s first month, you’re likely going to have a constant stream of visitors to your home. While this support can be amazing, it can also be difficult to know what to wear. We recommend getting a few Giftgowns to wear around home and the neighbourhood. They’re 100% cotton, which makes them perfect for your skin and you infant’s skin too. Plus they’re perfectly set up for breastfeeding with snaps along the shoulders. With tons of designs to choose from and even the option of customization, you’ll feel comfy and cute in your Giftgown!

Way More Diapers

We guarantee that your little one is going to be going through way more diapers than you expect! Even if you feel like you have enough, you should probably still get more. There’s nothing worse than a baby needing a change in the middle of the night and not having any clean diapers available for them. 

Ready Made Meals

Cooking is probably going to be the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about during your little one’s first month. If you’re a keen cook, try making meals beforehand and freezing them, so that you’ll always have something you like on hand. If cooking isn’t your favourite activity, enlist your friends and family to help you with meals. They’ll all want to be helping you during this amazing and hectic time. Just remember to let them visit a little with the baby when they stop over with food.

Night Light

While your new little one is probably too young to be afraid of the dark, having a nightlight will help you out in the wee hours of the night. With a night light, you won’t have to worry about tripping or falling when you inevitably have get at 2am to feed, change, or comfort your little babe.

Simple Onsies

Newborns are messy. So as much as you might love fancy baby cloths, we recommend keeping it simple for the first month. Dress your baby in soft 100% cotton onsies will make clean up a breeze—just throw the soiled onsie in the wash. Plus, the natural fibre will be gentle and soft on your little one’s skin.  


We hope this list helps you complete your pre-baby prep and makes that first month a bit easier for you! 🥰