Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Giftgowns

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Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


With the advent of social media, there have never been so many ways to announce your pregnancy to the world. Traditionally, it’s suggested that you wait until you are about three months pregnant before announcing your pregnancy, but ultimately it’s up to what you (and your partner) feel comfortable with. We’ve collected a list of some of our favourite ways to tell the world about your little one who’s on the way.


Custom Giftgown with Ultrasound Photo

Did you know you can print anything on a Giftgown, including a photo of your ultrasound? Get your ultrasound along with “Coming Soon” printed on a gown and then snap a photo of it! As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to wear your gown during labour!  



Get a photo with the parents’ shoes and a little pair for baby! This is a classic birth announcement that’s super cute and easy to do!


Coffee Cups

Is your family addicted to all things coffee? Then why not create a pregnancy announcement to match. Get two large cups with the parents’ names written on and one sample size is “baby” written on it.


Movie Poster

Is your family blockbuster obsessed? Then why not create a movie poster to tell the world about your new little one. You can create a cute title like “And Then There Were Three” and snap a cute pic of you and your partner plus the “release date”—how cute!


Soon to be a Sibling

If you already have children, you can include them to make a super cute pregnancy announcement! Why not have them hold a sign that says “Big Sister or Brother to be”. It’s a great way to also make them feel included in the new baby’s life!


We hope these ideas help you to come up with a super fun and cute pregnancy announcement! Congratulations on your new baby-to-be! 👶