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Valentine's Date Ideas For When You’re Pregnant

Giftgowns - Valentine's Day Date Ideas for when you're pregnant When you’re within the last couple of months of your pregnancy, you’re dead tired. Right, mama? So, when your partner asks you what you want to do for Valentine’s Day, there’s no crime in looking for something simple and easy. Especially when your little one is hugging your bladder and you feel like you have to pee every 10 minutes. So, to make things easier on you (because we know you have enough on your mind), here’s a list of date ideas for when you’re pregnant! 


Go see an early community theatre show

Why not support your local theatre troop and go see an early show? These shows don’t run too late as a lot of the folks involved often have to work the next day, so you don’t have to worry about being too tired. Who knows, maybe you and your partner could catch the theatre bug? 

Go out for dessert

Going out for dinner can be expensive. It can take a long time and the chairs might not be comfortable. Give your pregnant body a break (and a treat), and go out just for dessert. It’s a super cute date idea, and it will tantalize your taste buds. So, have your partner Google unique desserts near you and have a tasty little date for Valentine’s Day!

Go for a foot massage

We know your feet are aching mama, so have your partner either give you, or take you out for a foot massage! It will help you relax, and ease your poor feet. What better way to spend an afternoon then getting a heavenly massage. You’ll be walking on a cloud afterward!

Book a hotel and sleep! 

If you already have kids and need some quiet time with your partner, then book a babysitter and head to a hotel for a quiet evening in! In the early days of your relationship, heading to the hotel may have meant something different, but sometimes you just need a quiet night of sleep in a fluffy, comfy bed. There’s no shame in that, make your relationship and your mental health a priority! Plus stay extra comfy in a Giftgowns Valentine's Day gown!

Stay in an snuggle watching your favorite movie

In the same vein, if you’re able to have a quiet in at home and want to watch your favourite movie (AKA fall asleep on the couch snuggling your partner), then why not?! It’s your Valentine’s Day, you’re allowed to do what you want with it, so stay in mama. You and your partner deserve it! 

We hope these date ideas for when you’re pregnant inspire you to have a great Valentine’s Day!