Ways to Stay Cozy in the Hospital – Giftgowns

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Ways to Stay Cozy in the Hospital

Ways to Stay Cozy in the Hospital - Mama in a Box (Purple) Flannel GiftgownIt’s almost wintertime, and temperatures are beginning to drop! People are looking to get cozy, curling up on the couch with a blanket and a hot drink, but what happens when you’re heading into the hospital to give birth? It’s not exactly the coziest space, so what can you do you? 

Here are a few things to bring and ways you can stay cozy in the hospital when you’re about to give birth: 

A Flannel Giftgown

What better way to stay cozy in the hospital than stay warm than a flannel Giftgown? Made out of 100% brushed cotton, a flannel Giftgown is super soft and will keep you cozy in a chilly hospital room during birth, and at home once you’re in the throes of postpartum recovery. The snaps on the back are perfect for epidurals, and the snaps on the shoulder are perfect for breastfeeding and snuggling after baby is born! Our favourites include Mama in a Box (Purple) and Well Behaved Women! All of our flannel Giftgowns are on sale, get 25% off!

A Hat

When you’re all bundled up under blankets, your head can get cold! Be sure to bring a hat with you so if you’re stuck in a drafty room, you can bundle up with blankets, and put a hat on and be cozy to your, and your little one’s heart’s content! We love the Blessed Mama, and #MomLife hats.


Since you’re giving birth in the cooler weather, you’re definitely want to have socks in your hospital go bag! Hospitals can be chilly, and being able to walk around without your feet getting cold is important. Our About To Be a Mom socks, or Get This Baby Out socks are great, but we’ll leave you to pick which one makes you laugh more. 

A Comfy Blanket

Hospital blankets do the job, but there are only so many thin sheets and fleece blankets you can pile on your bed. Bringing a soft blanket from home will keep you cozy in your hospital room, and it will also provide you with a sense of comfort as your dealing with contractions!

Your favourite to-go mug

Even though you probably be won’t eating during labor, having your favorite to go mug to sip water, or herbal tea will go a long way in keeping you cozy if you’re feeling cold, or even just providing a sense of comfort when you’re in pain. Bring a re-useable straw, while you’re at it!

We hope we’ve given you a few ways to stay cozy when you’re in the hospital. Better to be prepared, right? 🧣