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5 Halloween Tips and Tricks

It’s October and you know what that means! Halloween is on the way. We are so excited to share some tips and tricks that will make this year’s scary holiday that much easier!

  • Pumpkin carving printable stencils: Ever wonder how some people have these amazingly detailed carved pumpkins (such as Frankenstein’s face, a witch flying in the sky etc.) when you can barely carve a smiley face? Sure, many of those pumpkins may have been carved by naturally skilled artists, but many also achieve this through using printable stencils. This means you print out the image you want on your pumpkin from a stencil website, tape it on the pumpkin, and carve out the area suggested by the stencil. Here is a great website for stencils: https://www.pumpkinpile.com/about.html. Carve beautiful pumpkins without the stress!

  • Halloween-themed masks: Got a Halloween costume to wear this Halloween but it doesn’t match with your typical blue hospital-styled mask? We got you covered. Giftgowns has a selection of Halloween masks that are adorable and fit the holiday spirit. Check out our “Monster Boo Mask,” “Pumpkin Face Mask,” “Dancing Skeletons Mask,” and “Vampire Face Mask."
  • Trick-or-treating rules: Due to COVID-19, trick-or-treating may not be encouraged in certain areas where COVID-19 is still surging or serious. For instance, authorities suggested no trick-or-treating in Toronto last year in 2020. Make sure to check the rules or laws around where you live if you plan to take your child out for trick-or-treating! 

  • Cheaper Halloween costumes: Buying your costume and/or your kid’s costume from a costume store or even Walmart/Target every year and it’s costing you over $50? A lot of the accessories such as wigs and makeup can be purchased at a dollar store! Dollarama in Canada and Dollar Tree in the United States offer cheaper options. You can also go thrifting and build your halloween costume that way. Garage sales and thrift stores may have accessories/parts of costumes that have been barely used.

  • Candy-check: If your child is going trick-or-treating, make sure to check the candy. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, there may be something harmful in the candy to your child such as a metal scrap. This is even more important if your child has any allergies. Various chocolate bars have nuts/peanut butter, for instance. The potential dangers are not always intentional or from external sources -- your child may get sick from legitimate ingredients in the candy. 
  • Note, we take no credit from Pumpkinpile.com and any pumpkin accidents are not on responsibility,