Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids Stuck in the Hospital – Giftgowns

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Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids Stuck in the Hospital


Back to School is an exciting time for kids. However, for kids who are in the hospital when September comes about, it can be a difficult experience. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best gifts for back to school time that support kids in the hospital and will help bring a smile to their faces.


A Giftgown

A Giftgown is the perfect gift for anyone in the hospital. Kids can shop for their Giftgown online and still feel like they’re doing their back to school shopping. With snaps on the shoulders for IV accessibility and snaps down on the back for coverage, kids and medical professionals alike will love Giftgowns! Check out some of our favourite kids designs here!


A Personalized Giftgown

If you want to make the gift even more special, a personalized Giftgown is a great choice. You can create a design or have them create a design themselves! With high quality printing, you can even include things like photos of a favourite memory on a gown!



Books are a great way to stay entertained and on top of schoolwork while in the hospital. If your child has enough energy, try bringing them books that are related to what they might be studying in school. Plus, throw in some just-for-fun books to keep them smiling and happy!


A Journal

A journal is a great way for kids to practice their writing skills while recovering. It also gives them an outlet for their emotions and can help them cope with being in the hospital. Try looking for a journal that is half-lined so that they can accompany their writing with drawings too!



Stickers are a fun and easy present that kids will love! They can share the stickers with their visitors and also decorate their clothing, cast, or anything else! Stickers can also be a great reward for kids being brave during tests. Plus, there are so many varieties available, so kids will find some that suit their interests!


We hope this helps you find some great back to school gifts for kids in the hospital! 🤗