Best Bundles for Someone in the Hospital for the Holidays – Giftgowns

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Best Bundles for Someone in the Hospital for the Holidays

Sometimes, someone we love has to spend the holidays in the hospital. While that isn’t ideal, there’s always something you can do to help make their stay a bit more enjoyable. Whether your little one is staying in the hospital, or you have a grandparent in hospital, you’re probably wanting to bring them something.

Here are a few ideas of bundles for someone in the hospital for the holidays:

Christmas Giftgowns Bundle

What is better than giving your loved one the gift of comfort when they’re in the hospital, especially when they love Christmas! For any parents, friends or grandparents in the hospital over the holidays, the Christmas Giftgowns bundle is a must-have. They’re super soft and the picture of comfort. Not to mention, the snaps on the shoulder and back and pockets make both the patient’s lives easier.

Kids Holiday Giftgowns Bundle

If it’s a little one in the hospital over the holidays, why not cheer them up by helping them pretend they’re a gingerbread person, or a snowman? Our super soft micro-fleece gowns are fabulous for keeping your little one cozy in the hospital, and the pockets allows them to carry things around the hospital which would otherwise be hard to keep track of!

A Trilogy of Books

There is nothing worse than finishing a book on a cliffhanger and not having the next book ready to go! Give your loved one a trilogy of books. It will keep them occupied for a while, they won’t get stuck on a cliffhanger AND there is a nice, tidy ending at the end of the third book. Most of the time.

Nintendo Switch + Games

This is great for kids, or even younger adults who are nostalgic for old school Mario. The new Nintendo Switch allows you to download games, as well as movies and shows on Netflix, which is great for hospitals where there might not be patient wifi. Not only that, but your loved one can plug their earphones in and play or watch away without disturbing anyone.

A Craft Bundle

If the person in the hospital needs to keep their hands occupied, bring them a craft bundle! This could be some knitting needles, yarn and a pattern, or a crochet hook, some yarn and a pattern. It’s a great way for them to stay busy, keep warm and learn a new skill.

Don’t believe us? We were just featured in as a gift for someone in the hospital might actually want. We hope these bundles have inspired a few gifts for someone in the hospital for the holidays!