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Best Christmas in July Gifts for Someone Stuck in the Hospital


It’s never a good time to be stuck in the hospital, but particularly during the summer when everyone is enjoying the outdoors, it can feel difficult. Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to get someone who’s stuck in the hospital a present, so we’ve come up with a list of gifts that are sure to anyone cheer up! We hope this helps you find the perfect present! 


A Custom Giftgown

A custom Giftgown is the perfect present for anyone who is stuck in the hospital this summer! Giftgowns are fully accessible with snaps along the sleeves and back, which mean they work well for home use, as well as for recovery or hospital stays.   You can use our simple online tool to upload a photo, graphic or favourite saying to a gown. How sweet and supportive would it be to put one of favourite family photos on the front? They’ll be sure to love it.


A Summery Giftgown

If you’re less into designing, why not choose a summery Giftgown? Giftgowns are fully functional and are sure to bring a smile to patients and medical professionals alike. Check out our summer favourites including Peace and Good Vibes and make someone’s day.



A journal is a great gift option for anyone in the hospital. It can give them an outlet to express their emotions and get creative. To celebrate the season, a journal with a fun and summery cover is a great option! You could also pair this gift with some fancy pens, so you’ll be sure they have something to write with. Pro tip: look for journals made with non-toxic ink!


Summer Reads

Who doesn’t love a fun and light book? Yes, summer reads are perfect for the beach, but they can also be a great option for someone who’s stuck in the hospital. The easily digestible content means that the book will be easy to read and usually light too. Perfect for passing the day!


Streaming subscription

A subscription to a streaming service is a gift that’s sure to keep anyone who’s stuck in the hospital entertained. Whether it is for a music or a video streaming service, you can be assured that they will find something to watch or listen to that they love. Plus, it’s a great low-key activity that friends and family can also enjoy.


A Gift Bag

A gift bag or basket is a great way to give a mix of everything for Christmas in July! When choosing a gift bag, look for one that’s specifically curated to teens. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own! Just remember, if you decide to include snacks in your gift bag, be sure to check with a health professional first. We recommend the Giftgowns gift bag, which features a Giftgown, lotion, colouring book, fuzzy socks, and more!  


We hope this helps you come up with the best Christmas in July gifts! ☀️