Best Customization Ideas for Patients – Giftgowns

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Best Customization Ideas for Patients

If you love the idea of a custom Giftgown, but aren’t sure where to start we have some ideas for you! These are some of our favourite custom gown ideas to help cheer up patients in the hospital. ☺️ 


“Team Your Name”

A great design for a custom gown is getting “Team Your Name” across the front! With this design, your family and friends can get matching t-shirts and show their support during your battle.


Photo of a Favourite Memory

Having a photo of a favourite memory on your Giftgown can make your day during tough times. We love the picture of with Taylor Swift that Tiffany put on her gown! So, so cute! 


Photo of a Favourite Vacation

A photo of a favourite vacation can bring back happy and fun memories even while in the hospital. You could even do a photo collage of several of your favourite vacations to print on your Giftgown!


A Drawing

Do you or someone you know like to draw? An original drawing is a great option for the front of your Giftgown and you’ll get to show everyone else in the hospital your amazing artistic skills. Check out this awesome hand drawn design that Christina did for her gown—it’s one of our faves!


A Sticker design

Did you know that the Giftgowns customization tool has over 100 stickers to choose from? You can choose one or many to make an oh-so-cute design. Our stickers include watercolour flowers, hearts, cacti, and more! You’ll definitely find a graphic that suits your style with our stickers.


Favourite Catch Phrase/Mantra

A favourite catch phrase or mantra can help you out even when times are tough. Think of a phrase that embodies what you believe and that can help you even during the difficult days. Taylor designed her amazing Peace Love and Warrior On gown to wear for recovery after surgery to remind herself that she is a warrior!


Favourite Family Photo

A favourite family photo can show your family’s support for you whether or not they’re able to be at the hospital. We recommend choosing a photo that bring a smile to your face or is an inside family jokes!


Check out some more of our favourite custom gowns below! We hope this helps you find a customization idea that you love and that cheers you up during this difficult time! ❤️