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Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents


With the holidays almost here, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for everyone on your list! Finding the perfect present for the grandparents in you life can be a bit tricky at times. Luckily, we’ve compiled this list with the best holiday gifts for them!


A Giftgown

A Giftgown is the perfect present for the grandparent on your list! Giftgowns are fully accessible with snaps along the sleeves and back, which mean they work well for home use, as well as for recovery or hospital stays. Giftgowns come in a variety of designs that suit any style, plus you can even customize them with a photo, graphic, or favourite saying. Just think how much a grandparent would love a Giftgown with their grandchild’s picture on it—so sweet!


A Photo Album

A photo album with pictures of their children and grandchildren is a perfect holiday gift! Choose your favourite photos and print them out. Grandparents’ will love the return to printed photos. It’s such a thoughtful gift that they’ll be able to look through whenever they’re in need of a smile.


A Donation in their name

A donation in a grandparent’s name is an incredibly sweet and generous gift. It’s the kind of gift that they will have a memory of for a long time to come. When choosing an organization to donate to, look for one that they will feel proud of donating to. If you’re looking for ideas, Giftgowns donate a gown program is a great choice. We partner with hospitals and organizations across the US and Canada to brighten patients’ days. Donate here.


A homemade present

A homemade present can be incredibly meaningful for a grandparent to receive. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can create something that is based on your relationship together. Use whatever medium you feel most comfortable and confident in to create a gift they’ll love for years to come.


A Gift Bag

A Gift bag or bundle is the perfect gift for a grandparent! Look for a gift bag that's suited to their interests, style, and personality!  If you're feeling creative, you can even create a gift bag yourself.  Or, if you're looking for ideas, we recommend the Giftgowns Gift Bag.  With a Giftgown, tea, lip balm, a fun colouring book, and more, it's the perfect gift bag!  


Personalized Calendar

There’s a good chance that your grandparents are still using a traditional calendar. If this is the case, a personalized one is a great option! You can make it special by including a mix of favourite photos, sayings, and pictures. Plus, you can even include special dates on it like they’re birthday. With a personalized calendar they will be thinking of you all year.


A Gift Card

A Gift Card is the perfect gift to give when you're not sure exactly what to get the grandparent in your life.  It's a gift that shows you care, while still giving them the freedom to choose something they love. Look for a gift card that suits their style and current interests.  Check out the Giftgowns Gift Card, available in denominations of $40+! 



We hope this list helps you find the perfect present for your grandparent! 👵👴