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Best Holiday Gifts for Kids in the Hospital


The holidays are meant to be a happy time of year. With friends and family spending time together and kids getting to be kids. But, when a child is stuck in the hospital for the holidays, it can make what would normally be a happy time, an incredibly difficult one. To help brighten their and your spirits, we’ve compiled a list of the best gift ideas for kids who are in this hospital this holiday season. ❄️ 


A Giftgown

A Giftgown is the perfect gift for the child who wants to feel comfortable and cozy in the hospital. With snaps along the sleeves for IV access, along the back for coverage, two pockets, and a variety of fun designs, they are sure to make any kid feel like themselves again! Plus, with Giftgowns’ customization tool, kids can even design their own gown with a photo, graphic, or favourite saying. Or how about customizing a gown for the holidays with a picture of their favourite pet, a Christmas tree, or snow—so cute!



Books are a great way to keep kids entertained during their hospital stay. Holiday books are a great choice if you want to give something especially festive. Remember to choose books that are age-appropriate in both content and material. For toddlers, plastic or board books are best, but for older kids paper books work!


Toys (but not stuffed toys!)

Toys such as action figures, doctor’s kits, or plastic dolls can be great gift options for kids in the hospital. These toys work well because they can be easily disinfected. It’s best to avoid stuffed toys, as they can become a breeding ground for dirt and germs.


A Journal

A journal is a great gift option for kids who already know how to read and write. It can be a good way for kids in the hospital to pass the time. In addition, it can give them an outlet to express their emotions. Pro tip: look for journals made with non-toxic ink!


Arts & Crafts Kit

Arts and crafts supplies are a great way for kids to get creative while in the hospital. Choose whatever crafts supplies you think they might like best, such as, markers, paper, beads, felt, and pipe cleaners! They can also use the artwork they create decorate their room and make it feel more like home.



A pair of cozy, machine-washable slippers makes a wonderful gift for kids who are in the hospital at in the winter months. Slippers are typically easier to get on than shoes, so they will make walks around the hospital simpler. Plus, with so many different designs out there, you’re sure to find a pair that fits any style! Look for slippers that have grips on the bottom to lessen the slipping hazard.


We hope that this helps you find the perfect gift for your young friend or family member who’s in the hospital this holiday season. Remember to stay positive and that your company is sometimes the best gift of all. 🎁