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Best Holiday Gifts for Teens in the Hospital


The hospital is never an easy place for teens to be, and that is even more true around the holidays. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite holiday gifts for teens in the hospital during the holidays. We hope that this list is helpful when shopping for a teen who’s in the hospital this holiday season. 🎁 


A Giftgown

A Giftgown is the perfect gown for a teen who’s in the hospital this holiday season. With snaps along the sleeves for IV access, along the back for coverage, two pockets, and a variety of cool designs, they are sure to make any teen feel like themselves again! Plus, with Giftgowns’ customization tool, teens can even design their own gown with a photo, graphic, or favourite saying. Or how about customizing a gown for the holidays with a picture of their favourite pet, a Christmas tree, or snow—so fun!


A Phone Case

A phone case is a simple gift that can bring some fun into a teen in the hospital’s day. With so many options out there, you can be sure to find a case that they will love. You could even get a variety of cases that they can switch up based on what they’re in the mood for that particular day.


A Journal

A journal is a great gift option for teens in the hospital. It can give them an outlet to express their emotions and get creative. You could pair this gift with some cool pens, so you’ll be sure they have something to write with. Pro tip: look for journals made with non-toxic ink!


A Gift Bag or Bundle 

A gift bag or basket is a great way to give a mix of everything this holiday season! Look for gift baskets that are specifically curated for either teens or patients. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own. If you decide to include snacks in your gift bag, be sure to check with a health professional first. We recommend the Giftgowns gift bag, which features a Giftgown, lotion, colouring book, fuzzy socks, and more!  Or how about one of our bundles like Tattoo Duo or Stay Cool + Good Vibes to keep them comfy in the hospital! 



Books are a great gift to keep teens entertained while in the hospital. Try and choose books that suit their specific interests! Books of short stories or anecdotes work especially well, as they are usually shorter and can be picked up and put down easily if the reader is tired.


A Streaming subscription

A subscription to a streaming service is a gift that’s sure to keep any teen in the hospital entertained. Whether it is for a music or a video streaming service, you can be assured that they will find something to watch or listen to that they love. Plus, with the wide array of holiday music and shows available, they can choose something festive for the holiday season!


We hope that this gift guide helps you find the perfect holiday present for a teen you know in the hospital.🧡