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Date Night Ideas for When You're Stuck in the Hospital


When you’re stuck in the hospital, it can be hard to spend happy time with your partner. Between tests and various stresses in the hospital, the evenings that would usually be your date night can feel solitary and depressing. To help you cheer up we’ve compiled a list of ideas for fun date night ideas that you can do while in the hospital.


Movie Marathon

Time to put your Netflix subscription to use and have a movie marathon. This is the perfect way to spend some quality time together, while relaxing. If you’re able to eat treats, why not make a night of it with popcorn and sweets!


Bring in Take Out

If going out for dinner is usually you’re favourite way to spend some quality time together, then why not bring dinner to you. Order from your favourite restaurant and enjoy a full three course meal. To make it feel like a special occasion, you can bring your own fancy plates and cutlery from home! Don’t forget to always check with a medical professional when bringing in food to the hospital.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Why not think of some good memories and bring out your old photo albums. It can be a great way to bring in some great memories. Plus, if you find a pic you love, you can put it on a Giftgown to wear while in the hospital. It will help you stay cheerful and think back to good memories even when times are tough.


Make a Craft Together

Doing an activity like making a craft is a great way to spend some time together! You can look for a craft that’s simple enough to complete in one night or find one that can be done over a few date nights.


Do a Food Crawl

If you’re feeling up to it, then a food crawl through the hospital cafeteria can be a great way to get out of your room. Try to eat something from each restaurant and see if you can find a new favourite.


We hope these ideas help you to have a great date night! 🤗