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Fun Activities To Do In The Hospital

When your little one is in the hospital, they’ll likely be bored because there’s only so much reading and watching TV a person can do. In honor of World Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to share a few fun games and activities that you can play with your little one while they’re in the hospital.

Board games and card games

A lot of kids play a lot of video games, these days. By bringing family favorites, like Monopoly or Yazhtee, it’ll stimulate your child’s brain without having to move around too much, it will likely bring laughter and life into their hospital room. Not to mention, if they have roommates, they can play too! 

Bring a computer and have your child design their own Giftgown

    Who doesn’t love having their own custom designed clothes? Bring a computer and have your child design their very own special Giftgown. They’re perfect for hospitals anyways, because of the snaps at the back and shoulder, making IV access and examinations a breeze. It’s also a great activity to keep your little warrior busy for an hour or two. 

    Hold a reading contest

      Bring a silly book to the hospital and take turns reading passages in the silliest voices possible. The person who makes people laugh the most, wins! It’ll have your cheeks aching with laughter. 

      Bring coloring books

        This one is a great option for kids of all ages! If they’re younger, grab a few coloring books with their favorite TV characters in them, and if they’re older, head to the bookstore and pick up a book that has some intricate designs that will keep them busy for hours. Coloring also has a stress relieving effect on the brain, so not only will it allow them to be creative, but it will help them forget that they’re sick for a little while. (We also have a gift bag with a coloring book, if you’re interested!)

        It’s hard to have fun when your child is in the hospital, especially if they’re in pain. Hopefully, with these suggestions you’ll be able to bring a little life and sunshine into their (and your) lives while they’re on the road to recovery. 😘