Giftgown's Caregiver Spotlight: Tameshia

To honour Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Giftgowns linked up with this powerhouse, Tameshia Sexton and chatted about her own struggles, how breast cancer affected her family, and how she keeps strong during difficult times. 
The Basics: 
Name: Tameshia Sexton aka Mesh Monroe 
Location: Miami, Florida 
Social Media Handles: 
IG: Iammesh_monroe SC: iammesh85 
GG: Tell us about yourself, include if you’re a patient, survivor, or family member of someone with Breast Cancer.
TS: I am the founder and CEO of Mesh Dollhouse. Mesh Dollhouse is creating a brand that matters. We are not only a model management company; we are a empowerment group as well. We network within our communities and give back. 
I am a two time survivor of domestic violence. From Struggle to Success I learned how to pull the positive out of any negative situation and now I am teaching women and men through my motivational seminars how to do the same. The obstacles that I experienced could not break me. Instead it became my motivation and inspiration for wanting to see women come together for one purpose; EMPOWERMENT. 
My grandmother was a survivor of breast cancer and she taught me that if one door closes you find a another way around it. Use your strength to overcome and you will prosper in the end. 
GG: In three words, how would your friends and family describe you? 
TS: God fearing, determined, and goal oriented.
GG: How has breast cancer effected your life and the lives of your family and friends? 
TS: My grandmother was a survivor of breast cancer. I remember like yesterday when she broke the news and told our family. Tears overwhelmed us as my initial thoughts were "I'm going to lose my grandma". I thank God for a praying grandmother because she was such a warrior. She was determined not to lose her battle. Because of her faith breast cancer scared us but didn't affect us. My grandmother overcame her battle against breast cancer and survived it for over ten years. She later died due to heart failure this past August. 
GG: What are tips and tricks you would like to give those who are also a support person for someone battling breast cancer? 
TS: Pray and be present. My advice is to show your family member or friend that you are there for them unconditionally. This helps them to understand that they are not alone in the battle. 
GG: How do you take care of yourself during times when you need to take care of others? 
TS:  I always make sure that I take care of myself first before trying to be a support system to someone else. My grandmother taught me to never get low in my spirit and come around those in need of my help. Energy is contagious so I learned to make sure I take care of myself spiritually and mentally therefore, I can give my best care to my family and friends. 
GG: Do you have any special routines or mantras that help you cope? 
TS: My only routine to cope is Prayer. My grandmother was a woman of God and she taught us to have faith and pray through the good and bad times. I held on to that advice as a kid and it has helped me tremendously throughout my adulthood. 
Tell us more!!
GG: What’s your zodiac sign? 
TS: Gemini (June 12th)
GG: What’s your favourite candy/treat? 
TS: Rice Krispies Treat
GG: What’s your favourite vacation destination? 
TS: The beautiful island of Bahamas.
Thanks, Tameisha for sharing your story and also for your dedication to helping empower men and women in your community. Giftgowns is so lucky to have you as our October Influencer!